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Who we are ?

PINPIN TEAM design video games to entertain both kids and parents.

We publish our own games as well as we create games in partnership with major media parnters, cultural centres, museums and international brands for kids.

What makes us SO special ?

When you love what you do, it never feels like work, that's why we're so damn good at it.

We focus on creating unique gaming experiences using the right mix of fun and smart contents.


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Who We Are?
  • Géraud is in charge of investor relations, commercial partnerships and sales. He worked at Warner Bros. before founding Pinpin Team and holds a Master’s in Management from SKEMA.

  • Florian is in charge of technical development and innovation at Pinpin Team. Holding an engineering degree from IMAC, Florian worked in new technologies for OnlySens.

  • A graduate of Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués de Paris, he is Pinpin Team’s Art Director. Alexandre designs games, characters, experiences, interactions and platforms.

  • Guillaume is in charge of game development at Pinpin Team. Holding an engineering degree from university.

  • Matthieu is in charge of front-end development at Pinpin Team. Holding an Master in  Programming at EPITECH

  • Vincent is in charge of game design at Pinpin Team. Holding an Master degree in Interactive Digital Experiences at CNAM & GOBLELIN

  • A graduate of Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. Guillermo is selling PINPIN TEAM games all over the world thanks to his 4 languages skills.

  • Maxime is in charge of Animation at Pinpin Team. Holding an master degree from Ecole Georges Méliès.